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1. Where can I find the right description of the item?

By clicking on the single item, in the product sheet, you can see the chosen item and zooming for detail. You can choose among colors proposed, select the size and quantity you want. The profile shows you if the product is available or not available. From this point, you can insert it in the Wishlist or directly proceeding for buying it, inserting it in the cart.

2. How can I choose the right size?

Click on the “Size guide” in the product profile and you will find the size conversion chart.  Furthermore, we will guide you into identification of your size by providing a comparison with the measurements in cm.

3. What is the “Wish List”?

By adding the product in the Wishlist, you can create a list of your favourite products. Every time you visit the Manas’ online shop, you can see the list, updating the products and directly proceeding for buying it, inserting it in the cart.   

4. How adding an item to the cart?

From the product detail, you can choose the size and color you want and click on the botton “Add to the Shopping bag”.

5. Can I order an item is not available?

It’s not possible, we advise you to contact our customer care service to verify the possibility to re-assortment

6. How can I know if I correctly placed an order?

You will showed a message in which we communicate you that the order has been correctly placed. In the following hours, you will get an email in which will be confirmed the managing of your order. You can access in your personal area and checking the status of all your orders.

7. Is it necessary being registered to place an order?

Yes, it’s necessary being registered on Manas’ shop online.

8. What are the payment methods for placing my orders?

Orders can be paid through PayPal, Credit card, (Visa, Mastercard and Carta Si) and Bank transfer.

9. Do my payment data can be seen by other?

No, Alma spa uses safe payment circuits

10. Can I use coupon codes?

Yes, on you can use valid coupon codes provided by Manas in occasion of special promotions. If you own a valid coupon code, insert the code in the right field when you start the shopping experience and then click on “Apply”. The total of your order will be automatically calculated.

11. Why my credit card has been rejected?

Your credit card could be refused for following reasons: data required for payment are different from those on your card. A mistake in one of those fields can cause the reject of that operation. You did not activate the secure code. Some of your credit cards, for protecting you from online fraud, require a further secure code to insert for confirming the payment. The code is provided by your bank. The limit of your card has been passed. It’s also possible that the credit card is expired. Your bank can give you all necessary information on your credit card and payment possibility.

12. Do all prices include VAT?

For Italy and EU countries, all prices showed on the website include VAT.

For Extra EU countries, prices exclude VAT.

13. What are terms of sale?

You can consult terms of sale by clicking on this link.

14. Can I place a return?

You have the right to return, wihout reasons, within 14 days form when you or a person you appointed has received the product or in case of shopping of more items separately delivered with an only one order, receive the last product.

You can consult return policies by clicking on this link.

15. How to work shipping for multiple orders?

Alma Spa sends out orders once, in an only one shipping.

16. Does delivery is also realized outside the Italian territory?

Yes, we ship worldwide.

17. What is the shipping fee and delivery time for Italy?

In Italy, we have free shipping. The delivery time for Italy is 2 working days by express courier

18. What is the shipping fee and delivery time for international shippings?

The shipping is free for EU countries, with shipping time from 2 to 4 working days by express courier. The shipment is not free for extra EU countries and the order will be delivered within 6 working days, through express courier. For Extra EU countries, the customer is charged with custom duties and other taxes. These costs are not included in the shipping fee. For further information about custom duties, please contact custom offices.

19. May I request a shipping to a different address from the registration one?

Sure, it’s enough to deselect the box “Ship to this address” and fill out the form with the right shipping address. In case of the new address is out of EU countries, it will be charged the cost of shipping depending on the destination.

20. What happens if I am not at home when the courier arrives?

The courier will try the delivery in the following days

21. Why registering on the website?

The registration on offers many advantages:

-checking the status of your orders;

-activate a return procedure and checking the status;

-managing your account and addresses where receive your orders;

-getting all updating about promotions, news, last arrivals, initiatives”

You join our newsletter leaving your approval to marketing information.

22. How to login on the website?

Click on the “register” button you find on the top-right of the page and fill out the form with all your data. Accept the personal data treatment and click on the “Enter” button. You will get an email with all your login data.

23. I have already an account in the personal area, but I do not remember the password, how can I recover it?

If you haven’t done it yet, click on the Login section and then click on “Forgot your password? Click here” put under the section dedicated to password insertion

Following instructions will appear on the screen, you will activate the creation procedure of a new password.